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Accelerate Your Network 

Your business computing is moving to the cloud. A new generation of workers uses your business internet and Wi-Fi  in a hundred new and different ways.

Your internet connection has never been so critical to business performance - yet your connection is inherently flawed. It cannot differentiate between the important and low priority traffic it carries.

This means a video call with your best customer could suffer because a software program has decided to upgrade itself or somebody is using Spotify on your Wi-Fi...

MiMiC makes your connection smarter, faster and more secure so you instantly realise its full potential.


Are You?

MiMiC Avatar Excited

Excited by the potential for new business technology?

Planning on using more cloud-based software to gain an advantage?

Connecting more remote users to your network as the business grows?

Building an agile, resilient and responsive business?

MiMiC Avatar Frustrated

Frustrated by a slow Internet connection?

Worried that your business internet bandwidth is being eaten away by staff downloading music, movies and using social media?

In the dark about how your internet bandwidth is used?

Concerned that voice over IP calls are of variable quality – impacting customer perceptions?

MiMiC Avatar Tormented

Troubled by fears over internet security? 

Anxious about remote users using insecure connections into your business?

Concerned about mobile team members using open Wi-Fi connections in public places?

Frightened that sensitive business data could be intercepted?

MiMiC Avatar FedUp

Fed up with the time consuming task of managing network connections?

Tired of unhappy and impatient users reporting network connection problems?

Persecuted by network problems that are difficult to diagnose and often impossible to fix?

Annoyed by waiting endlessly for expensive leased line and hardware to be installed?

MiMiC Will Rock Your World!

This unique, low cost, scalable service works for everything from a single business internet connection to a global network.

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Scale your business. Alleviate your internet frustrations. Allay your security fears. Become a network optimisation hero.

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Prioritise Important Network Traffic

Make the important stuff faster at the expense of the less important. Run your network like your business. Prioritise traffic by type, time of day, user and location. Squeeze out every drop of performance.

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Create a 'Slow Lane' for Low Priority Traffic

Non-critical software upgrades, certain social media sites and other low priority traffic can be given low priority, 'slow lane' access. Dangerous sites can be blocked altogether.

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Prioritise Voice on Your Network

Customer communications such as voice and video should never play second fiddle to unimportant network traffic. Ensure your network keeps your customers happy. Your customer service and sales teams will appreciate it too.

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Boost Performance for Remote Workers

MiMiC ensures your remote users exploit the full performance potential of their connections by prioritising traffic and instantly compressing data where appropriate.

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Speed Up Apps and Data with Compression Technology

MiMiC is an intelligent cloud service that can compress and cache much of what is sent over a normal network. Happy users enjoy huge gains in speed when using apps and transferring certain types of files.

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Protect and Secure Remote User Connections

When your team is working remotely or is out and about using Wi-Fi in public spaces, MiMiC gives you peace of mind because you know that your network connections and confidential business data are secure. 

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Quickly Build a High-Speed Business Infrastructure

MiMiC gives you the power to quickly design, implement and manage network infrastructure over inexpensive broadband connections. Bond multiple broadband connections to create intelligent, resilient, high-speed networks.

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Manage and Monitor Network Performance

It's never been easy to identify why network connections slow down and even more difficult to do something about it. MiMiC gives network administrators the ability to visualise the traffic, tune the network and become network optimisation heroes! 

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